About Blackwood Rottweilers

My husband (Jeff Shaver) and I live in Magnolia, Texas on 50 wooded acres. We currently own about 17 Rottweilers, and many of these are seniors enjoying retirement and we always have a few rescue Rottweilers available for adoption. I am an AKC approved judge, and Jeff is an AKC Tracking judge. I have been showing dogs since 1974 in both conformation and performance events. We own four horses (3 Paints and ½ Halflinger, ½ Friesian mare) and enjoy trail riding when we can find the time.

We both belong to the American Rottweiler Club, the Medallion Rottweiler Club and the Texican Rottweiler Club. I encourage anyone interested in Rottweilers to join local and national Rottweiler clubs to learn about Rottweiler events. Please email us if you would like more information on these groups.

None of our dogs live in kennels. They have several large grassy yards with huge shade trees, and all the dogs sleep in the house at night. All of the dogs are fed a raw diet, and we believe nutrition is an integral part of a healthy, athletic dog. In May, of 2010, a book will be published that I wrote on Canine nutrition, with recipes for both raw and home cooked diets. For more information right now on raw diets, check out my article: http://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/raw-diet/

My philosophy on dog husbandry encompasses three areas, which include:

  1. Nutrition- the best food is fresh food for optimum health and longevity for your Rottweiler
  2. Exercise- Rottweilers need daily attention and exercise to develop proper temperament, keep joints and ligaments in good health and to encourage a good work ethic. This includes training AND fun such as walks, playing ball and enjoying life
  3. Mental Stimulation- which includes activities such as obedience, tracking, a Schutzhund, agility, rally for example and daily interaction with their owner and family.

A well fed, active Rottweiler with daily mental stimulation is a happy dog that will bring joy and happiness to any household!

Email me for information on Rottweilers, diets, health issues or if you are looking for quality, well bred, socialized Rottweilers and Rottweiler puppies.

"Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs"
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The first guide to both raw feeding and healthy homecooked meals for dogs.

In the whirlwind of information about local, organic, and whole foods, it’s easy to forget that our canine companions can also benefit from—and deserve—a more natural and nurturing diet. Preparing Fido’s food at home may seem daunting, but it’s really not, says Lew Olson in Raw & Natural Nutrition for Dogs. Olson discusses canine nutritional needs and explains the research on how home-prepared foods, particularly raw foods, can meet pets’ needs better than commercial, processed dog food. Step-by-step instructions and recipes make preparation easy. The book includes charts with the recipes, instructions on keeping diets simple and balanced, guidelines on preparation, suggestions for finding ingredients, and how much to feed a dog by body weight. There are recipes for healthy adult dogs as well as guidelines for puppies, senior dogs, and dogs with health conditions including pancreatitis, renal problems, gastric issues, allergies, heart disease, liver disease, and cancer. Pet owners seeking to give their dogs a better coat, better skin, and healthier teeth and gums, as well as longer lives and more stable temperaments, are sure to welcome this book.