5 Weeks Old! They are starting to look like real dogs!



Five Weeks Old!

These puppies are now running, jumping, tackling each other and they just started on whole food yesterday! They ate hamburger yesterday for their first meal, and they had raw green tripe for breakfast today. They have been getting goat's milk, yogurt and eggs for the last week. Their mom is still nursing them, and Bebe still has plenty of milk. They are starting to get individual personalities (cry baby, first one out, last one to try something, happy puppy -  and these roles can change from moment to moment!

What is very interesting, is watching their tails to detect their moods. And tail size, length and carriage is now becoming more apparent on these puppies. Most have shorter, thicker tails. 2 have a big longer, thinner tails (but not much thinner!). I have checked the tails carefully for any kinks, sidewards carriage or tails that curl. So far, the tails look straight. Some of the puppies have much more 'talented' tails, in how they can move them (up and down, curled and then straighten them out). They ALL wag them furiously when they see their mother or meal bowl coming!

Tail carriage can be relaxed, curled to the side, held straight up or held like a sabre! It is most often hanging when relaxed. When super excited, it can go straight up (challenge tail) or when noticing something, straight out behind the dog. The puppies also chase and grab each others tails! These puppies have been quicker to get on their feet, quicker to get out of the whelping box and much faster to be able to run and jump. It is really something to see and learn how much balance a tail gives a dog, especially a puppy just learning.

Notice the various tail postures:


We see relaxed, to the side, sabre and straight up! All of these depict moods of playfulness, being happy, relaxed or excited. These puppies are a little too young to determine correct tail carriage, but all show promise of being correct so far. I will blog again at the 6 week age point and let's see if there are any changes at then! Until next time, enjoy your dogs and always have a good time training!