Day 26, Playing and Developing Motor Skills!




Each day brings new skills in playing, climbing, running and jumping! The puppies are interacting by chasing, biting, chewing and tossing stuffed toys and showing much more interest in their surroundings. They are going outside now about 4 times a day, and are learning new surfaces (grass, dirt, gravel and cement). They use their tails in expressing many emotions, but the one most dear to me.. is when they wag their tails. When I lean over to wake them up, their tails start wagging as they wake up. Their tails wag when mom comes near, and also when they play tug with toys with each other and when they recognize each other exploring the great outdoors.

Their tails are also an important instrument in balance. They hold them high when standing, and when they start to move faster, the tail levels out in an extension of their topline. They also seem useful to help them climb better, which is starting to be a problem in the whelping box! They seem to act as a 'rudder', to help keep them standing longer, to be able to pull themselves out more efficiently. When excited, the tails can go straight up!

We had a rainy day today, but I will try and get some pictures of them outdoors, especially on grass. They are a very content litter, quiet, calm and have gotten very used to their schedules. Thank goodness, they sleep well at night and don't make a peep! I will be introducing more types of toys, and a friend gave them a tunnel to explore and I will be introducing more stimulating type learning toys. I will continue to keep you all updated as they grow, develop and learn!