Day 6, and All They Want to do is Eat!

These puppies are growing fast! They all over 2 pounds, and boy, do they love to eat! Their mother Bebe has plenty of milk and is taking excellent care of them. I use cotton towels and whelping box pads, to give the puppies a better grip for moving. I avoid newspapers, as they are slippery, hold odor and contain dyes. I will also mention this litter is from a 7th 'raw fed' mother. Now, on to 'tails'..

All of these puppies (so far) have super thick, medium length tails.

It is interesting to note how they use their tails at this point. If they are uncertain, their tails will go between their legs. If they are content, the tails go straight behind them. And if they are fighting for a nipple, the tail rises slightly and moves stiffly!

When relaxed, the tail hangs naturally. It is certainly an instrument to read moods, emotions and emotional state of the puppies. And on occasion, I have seen the tails slightly wag, when the puppy is asleep and dreaming.

Or the tail can act as comfort and warmth, as in the puppy above, snug and fast asleep, with his tail tucked neaty between his hind legs!

Please remember, we won't know tail carriage until the puppies are 8 or 9 weeks old, so we will be watching on how their tails progress, to understand more about tail carriage and set. A proper croup (slightly rounded, broad) will generally produce the best tail sets, but the heavier the tail and medium length also helps with the correct carriage. We will keep watching and waiting, and don't forget, they will be a week old tomorrow!