What to Look for in a Breeder

This is easy.

-A good breeder will ask you more questions than you ask them. They will be concerned where this puppy is going, how it will be raised, your family composition and how it will be fed, trained and socialized.

-A good breeder raises their puppies indoors, not in a garage, kennel or back yard. Puppies raised indoors mean well socialized puppies, used to sounds in the house and puppies well on the way to being house broken.

-A good breeder will provide important health clearances on the parents. This includes OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) on Elbows, Hips and Heart. They will readily discuss bloodlines and they have a purpose for their dogs, in such activities as in the show ring, obedience, schutzhund, agility or rally. The parents should have titles, or in the process of achieving such titles. These should be active, healthy dogs.

-A good breeder will be there for you for the life of the puppy, to answer important health, training and diet questions.

-A good breeder won’t be asking for large, non refundable deposits. A good breeder is interested in finding a good, permanent home for their puppies.

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